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I've very generously been loaned a piece of land in the Arreton Valley. This now takes me to borrowing three pieces of land across the island. This plot will be used for third year trial Crocosmias, second year Gladiolus and building stock of existing cultivars.

Just needs to be rabbit proofed and then we're off!

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  • Writer's picturePaul Lewis

The flower beds are really starting to get moving now, all the earliest to flower are the primulinus x huttonii hybrids. The vigour is unbelievable and the variation all from one cross and in some cases the same seed pod is incredible.

The main aim has always to be reduce the plant and flower size in proportion and make it into a garden plant. I've never been so close and we are only about twenty plants into the flowering season.

Getting a range of plants together with shared characteristics, but with variations on flower colour has proved elusive until I embarked on this cross with the species tristis.

Lots more to follow!

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  • Writer's picturePaul Lewis

The first of the seedlings to flower this year. Planted only a few months ago this plant has species blood. Gladioli tristis pollen was put to one of my my hybrids and it possesses tristis qualities in spades, early flowering, tight foliage somewhere in between tristis and the small flowering hybrids and medium height as well.

Left in the ground this Winter it will flower even earlier next year.

There's a whole raft of these seedlings coming through in the next few days, mostly in the same colour palette, but one Dark purple is showing six flower stems from one corm, I'll post later.

The purple one is my hybrid, the pollen is from tristis, the creamy yellow/white flower.

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