• Paul Lewis

The Bride is a very early cross from the 1800's, Gladioli tristis x Gladiolus cardinalis, it's semi hardy, but growing well outside in the South of England. this ones inside for pollen removal. A couple of years ago I put some tristis pollen back to it and lo and behold this is todays offering. You can see the tristis in it.

Although it's not a stunner and lacking in scent and bud count, it has hardiness and a lovely strong stem. Work in progress as they say. By the time you read this, the pollen will have been removed and drying!

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  • Paul Lewis

Despite the snow flurries, my unheated greenhouse is full of Gladioli and the scent these beauties produce. My blue colour form of G carinatus is probably my favourite, but could possibly be usurped by recently added corms to the collection. I also have other colour variations of G carinatus on order that are blue/grey and yellow, currently on there way here from South Africa.

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  • Paul Lewis

The RHS Crocosmia trials were finalised last September and the results of three years inspection by Judges, Nurserymen and breeders have been published and are now up on an RHS site, I've provided a link below.

I'm pleased to say five of my plants received an AGM.

Seeds are now all cleaned, bagged and ready to go for the 2022 season, the majority are tristis crosses, which brings me to my Winter flowering species. They should start and show bud over the coming weeks, tristis usually being the first.

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