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Summer tristis

All of the seedlings sown and growing in the greenhouse are of mixed parentage, a fair few are of my summer Glad's fertilised using frozen G tristis pollen. Whether this has worked remained to be seen until last week. Although only five months of growing, a few had thrown small spikes up, these first year spikes are usually only have two to three buds on and really are more for fun to look at and quickly removed, they have no bearing on the plants final stature and flowering capabilities.

But then this turned up. Its my long flowering purple papilio hybrid crossed with tristis pollen.

It absolutely shines. So its one of a few in the seed pan, so more to flower next year. They will be field grown to see what I have in terms of height, habit and amount of flowers, we know its hardy but I'm very excited. On top of that it appears to be fertile, both flowers were crossed and at least on of the pods appears to be swelling.

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